Admin Section

The Admin Section allows administrators to perform various functions, such as manage the music libary and send bulk e-mail. Many of the functions require admin or librarian website priveleges, but some functions are available to all.
Admin Departments
Admin is divided into the following areas:

The Library is used to maintain status and locations of the 16,000+ pieces of music in the Chorale Library. Use this link to get more help on the Library.

Files contains utility programs for managing the website's support files.

Reports provides several reports to Chorale administrators. Reports are generated in a separate window and are formatted for printing using your browser's Print command. The reports generally assume that your browser's print pages have been set up with 0.5" margins on all four sides. In Internet Explorer, this can be done by accessing Page Setup from the Files menu.

The System Utilities area contains programs used for managing various parts of the website. It is also currently the home of the Bulk E-mailer (see below).

Bulk E-mail
The Bulk E-mailer permits system and Chorale administrators to broadcast e-mail messages to the membership.
The mailer has these features:
  • It sends out individual mails, not one mail with a long list of recipients.
  • It uses email addresses from the database, ignoring members who don't have one.
  • A "carbon copy" of the mail is always sent to the sender, along with the list of people the mail was actually sent to.

Messages can be limited to members of a particular status (active, at-large, dormant, etc.), voicing (altos, tenors, all, etc.), and group (ensemble, board of directors, etc.). Make your selections before sending your mail.

This area shows other parts of the e-mail that the recipient will see, some of which you can edit.

  • The 'From' on e-mails is always
  • The 'Reply To' is the sender's e-mail address from the database, i.e. any email replies will go directly to the sender. This currently cannot be changed, and no check is made to make sure the sender's email address is valid.
  • The 'Subject' field is editable (and it's suggested that you change it to something appropriate).

Use this section to write your message. Format it as you want it to appear, i.e. insert a blank line between paragraphs, etc. If you know some HTML (web text formatting language), you can embed it in your message.

Click the Send button to send your message. Cancel returns you to your previous page.

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