What's Up
  • Board Meeting, 5:00 pm
    Thursday, Jul 16th
    Via Zoom.

  • First Tuesday ZOOM! 7:00 pm
    Tuesday, Aug 4th
    Meet on Zoom for general hellos and new info. You'll get an email with the meeting number and password. Ron sets the agenda -- I'll post it if he tells me what it is!

  • Rehearsal, 7:00 pm
    Tuesday, Sep 8th
    First rehearsal of the new season! Cedar Heights Middle School, 19640 SE 272nd, in Covington. Here's hoping we actually get a chance to do this!

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Concert Photo: Christmas 2006
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  • Ad Agreement: The advertising agreement for this year is available here. Please use it to solicit ads from your hairdresser, dentist, golf pro, whatever, for the program.

  • Membership Handbook: Vicki has upgraded and updated the Membership Handbook. You can download it here. Thanks, Vicki!
Did You Know ... ?
Alto Kathleen Golden had her first singing gig in 2nd grade, for a grade school talent show -- and hasn't stopped singing yet!

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