Music Section

The Music Section provides access to information in the Music Library.
  • The library can be "browsed" using multiple selection and sorting criteria.
  • Administrators can add, delete, and edit the library.
Main Screen
The main library screen shows some statistics about the libary contents. This information is freshly extracted from the database each time this page is loaded.

The left section breaks down the library by voicing and general category.

This Repertoire section gives general statistics on the library, including breakdowns by composer, lyricist, and arranger. The Inventory section breaks down music based on how it was acquired, its distribution, and its total replacement value (determined using the last purchase price of each individual piece).

The buttons on the bottom provide access to the music browser, reports (if any) and the music file editor (typically only acessible to librarians).

The Browser
The music browser allows you to examine the music library by various criteria.

If you don't wish to see the entire music library at once, the Selection area allows you to narrow the list using several filters. Some of the filters have additional options available to members who log in.

Use the Order section to arrange your filtered music list in a particular order. Up to three sorting criteria can be specified. All criteria are in ascending order.

Use the Include section to specify the items you wish to see. Some items are unavailable until you log in. Music titles and subtitles are always shown.

Click the Browse button to see your report. Cancel returns you to your previous page.

Browser Output

This area shows you the criteria you chose to generate the current list, along with the status of the query and the number of records retrieved.

Your browse results are here. If you chose to see a lot of information, it may scroll off to right. If your Browse selections resulted in no music being displayed, the "SQL" query is displayed for diagnostic purposes.

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