The News Section
Use the News Section to review the latest announcements, or make an announcement of your own.
  • Anyone can view news items, including non-members.
  • You must log in and have membership privileges to post a news item.
  • You may edit and delete your own news items at any time.
  • News items may be assigned to categories and priorities.
  • News items automatically expire (and are deleted) after a set time period.
  • The last five news items are initially displayed (the "All" category).
The News Page

The upper section lists all news categories and priorities, one per line. From left to right, the columns are:

  • The name of the category or priority -- clicking on the name brings up all news items of this type.
  • The number of news items in that category or priority.
  • The subject or "headline" for the last news item in this category or priority. Clicking this subject brings up that news item.
  • The date the last item was posted for this priority or category
  • The person who created the item. Click their name to find out more about ths person.

News items are listed along with their subject, the name of the person that posted the item, and the date the news item expires.

If you are logged in as a Chorale member, click the "Add News Item" button to add your own announcement.

If you are the author of the news item displayed, two extra buttons will be displayed that allow you to edit or delete your news item.

The News Editor
Adding or editing a news item brings up the news editor.

In the upper section, select your news category, priority, the number of months you want the item to remain active, and give a short description of your announcement.

Type your news item in the large text box. You can use your Enter key to make paragraphs and space them out. If you know HTML (the Web's page layout language), you can do some extra formatting. For instance, putting some text between "<b>" and "<\b>" makes the text bold, while "<i>" and "<\i>" can force italics. Remember that you can edit your news item at any time to fix mistakes, update its content, or change its priority and expiration.

When you are done editing your news item, click the Save button to post your announcement. Use the Cancel button to return to the News page without making changes or addtions.

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