What's Up
  • Board Planning Meeting, 6:30
    Thursday, Aug 16th
    At Annette's in Kent.

  • Picnic: 5:00-8:00 pm
    Tuesday, Aug 21st
    This year we'll be at Morrill Meadows Park again; they haven't torn it apart yet, and aren't going to, at least this year. We won't eat before 6:00, to accommodate those who come after work. And, as any prior attendee can tell you, we'll continue eating until everyone is full! Do come, bring your SO and your kids, BFF, whatever. Watch this space for additional info!

  • First Rehearsal, 7:00 pm
    Tuesday, Sep 11th
    First rehearsal of the new season! Bring a friend, especially a tenor or bass! If you don't have any friends (HA!), come anyway. Cedar Heights Middle School, 19640 SE 272nd, in Covington.

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  • Practice Room: Julie Swienty has set up a YouTube Playlist that contains many of the pieces that we'll be singing for our Pops Concert. You can find it here.

  • Membership Handbook: Terry has completed this year's Membership Handbook. You can download a copy here.

  • Voices 4: The quartet's next gig is at Zola's in Auburn on Friday, June 1st - let's have a good turnout! 402 East Main, in Auburn. There's a flyer here.
Did You Know ... ?
Soprano Jeanneine Tereshko is a caboose of sorts, born 10 years after the youngest of her 3 sisters.

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