Website Overview

The Members Hall website is divided into several sections. You can visit each section at any time by clicking the buttons in the nav bar at the top of this page.

The Main Section manages the nav bar at the top and the footer bar at the bottom of all pages. The nav bar provides quick access to the various sections of the website using a mouse. The footer provides a convenient way to navigate to these same sections from the bottom of the page, plus ways to report data and website problems to administrators. This section also contains the "home page" information and pictures you see when you first enter the website. The Main Section is always available to you.
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The Help Section contains various information on how to use the website. It is always accessible by clicking on this "Help" icon in the nav bar. Use the "FAQ" to look up "frequently asked questions" and other tips for using the website. There are also pages containing detailed information on various sections of the website. The Forums contain their own very detailed FAQ on forum procedures. Still need help? Send e-mail to
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In the News Section, you can read the latest announcements or leave one of your own. Check here for updates on Chorale events, and for changes to the website. You can think of this area as a "bulletin board" on the wall outside of the Chorale's practice room. Only Chorale members can post a message in News.
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The Programs are displayed in thumbnail size from all of our prior seasons, in reverse chronological order. Each program has two buttons. "Full Size" will display a full-screen version of the program cover. "Inside" will display the program order itself, usually in a two-page layout, but occasionally in a four-page layout read left to right and top to bottom.
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The Music Section contains information on the Chorale's repertoire. Chorale members, visiting conductors, and the general public can look up information on the various pieces in the Library. Within this section, you may Browse the library, print Reports, and Chorale librarians can Edit the files. The website is a functioning music library -- music is checked in and out to members, and some of those statistics are found here.
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The People Section contains information on the Chorale membership. Although limited information is available to the public, Chorale members can look up phone numbers and addresses. Within this section, you may Browse the membership, print Reports (such as phone lists), and Chorale librarians can Edit the files.
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The Info Section is a respository for general Chorale information. Look here for the latest rehearsal schedule, pictures, contact information, and other miscellany. Visitors select options from "menus", and the choices available may be limited for non-members.
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The Admin Section is where Chorale administrators and libarians manage the website and library. Music is checked in and out here, reports are printed, and e-mail can be sent to the membership. Options are selected from menus, and availability to non-members is very limited. Generally, if you can easily read the caption on one of the menu buttons, this option is available for your use.
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The Personal Section is all about YOU. You can look up your membership status, list the music that you've purchased or checked out, manage your personal information such as your address, phone, and website password, and even upload a picture of yourself. The personal section is available by clicking the nav bar button with your name on it after logging in.
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The Security Section is scattered throughout the website, although it is most visible when you enter your member ID and password. Its purpose is to limit access to your personal infomation to those who can be trusted with it. For instance, only members can see your phone number, and only you can see your password.
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The Public Section is the public website. Although accessible as the "entrance" to, it is actually a section of the Members Hall and uses many of its files. The public section is always available by clicking on the Chorale's name in the nav bar.
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Note: The Help Section is still under construction. Not all buttons may work.

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